Beach Parking Permit

Any questions regarding the beach parking permit (PDF) please contact the Town Clerk's office at 207-363-1003. A permit may be issued to a resident for use in designated resident parking permit zones, upon application and payment of the required fee of $40 per calendar year. Senior Citizens, 65 years and over, can purchase permits for $20. The Parking Permit program shall be in effect each year beginning May 15th through October 15th.


A person is eligible for a Parking Permit upon demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Town Clerk, that he/she is a year-round resident or property owner of the Town of York.

Attaching Sticker

  • Permits shall be permanently affixed to the vehicle's front windshield on the passenger side, lower corner, clearly visible through the windshield.
  • Parking - Your beach sticker is not valid in Short Sands Park. If you park in Short Sands parking lot, you must feed the meter, if you don't you run the risk of receiving a parking ticket.

Long Beach Permit Parking Locations Map (PDF)Permit Parking Locations

  • Beach Ball Field: Permit parking in designated zone, except Sunday mornings until noon.
  • Harbor Beach Road: Permit parking only in designated spaces
  • Long Beach Avenue: Permit parking on Long Beach Avenue from Libby's Campground to Nubble Road in metered spaces.
  • River Road (southerly side): Permit parking only from intersection of River Road and Shore Road. 700 feet in a westerly direction
  • Route 103 / Wiggley Bridge / Steadman Woods: Permit parking only in the five designated parking spaces at the Route 103 parking lot
  • Shore Road (westerly side): Permit parking only beginning at CMP Pole Number 212 extending to CMP Pole Number 210 westerly side)

Permits not valid in these areas:

  • Ellis Park / Short Sands Parking lot (metered parking lot by Fun-o-Rama)
  • Harris Island Road - road going to the York Harbor Marine area
  • Railroad Avenue, Ocean Avenue and Beach Street