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Comprehensive Plan

York's Comprehensive Plan is comprised of 13 documents, 12 of which are available in digital format. All documents are listed below, those available in digital format can be accessed by clicking on the document name.

The Introduction Chapter is first.

Introduction Chapter (11/03/2015)

Volume 1 contains sections on Policies, the Capital Investment Plan, the Regional Coordination Program, and the Implementation Program.  Two additional reports are also posted here: the Conservation Plan for the Mount Agamenticus to the Sea Conservation Initiative, which is adopted by reference in the Regional Coordination Program section of Volume 1; and the Storm Water Management Plan, which is not part of the plan but is specifically referenced in Policy 5.6.2.

Volume 1 (11/07/2017)

York Village Master Plan Comprehensive Report (11/03/2015)

York Village Master Plan Appendix (11/03/2015)

York Village Master Plan Summary Report (11/03/2015)

Conservation Plan by the Mt. Agamenticus to the Sea Conservation Initiative

Cape Neddick River Watershed Based Plan (06/2014)

Stormwater Management Plan Vol 1

Stormwater Management Plan Vol 2

Stormwater Management Plan Vol 3

Town of York Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The Inventory and Analysis Section, titled Volume 2, is a document comprised of nine topic-specific reports that provides the information on which the policies of Volume 1 are based. 

Population Chapter (11/2/2004)

Housing Chapter (11/2/2004)

Existing Land Use Chapter (11/2/2004)

Economic Base Chapter (11/8/2005)

Utilities Chapter (11/03/2015)

Transportation Chapter (11/8/2005)

Growth Projections Chapter (11/8/2005)

Natural Resources Chapter (11/5/2013)

Historic & Archeological Resources Chapter (11/6/2007)

Municipal Capacity Chapter (11/03/2009)


Adaptation to Sea Level Rise (11/5/2013)


Stormwater Chapter (11/03/2015)


Energy Chapter (11/07/2017)



 The Comprehensive Plan includes maps.  The following 36 maps are available in digital format. The Future Land Use Areas map is referenced in Volume 1.  The remaining maps are referenced in the Existing Land Use Chapter, Utilities Chapter, Transportation Chapter, or Natural Resources Chapter of the Inventory and Analysis Section.

Comprehensive Plan Maps

Zoning Maps



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