Town Clerk / Tax Collector

The tax bills for Fiscal Year 2020 were mailed on August 27, 2019.  The first half is due on October 11, 2019 and the second half will be due on February 7, 2020.  

Our very own Town Clerk and Tax Collector Mary-Anne Szeniawski was the recipient of the Lorraine M. Fleury Award! Mary-Anne was selected for this award for her outstanding contribution to the election process. Thank you for all that you do Mary-Anne!

Mary-Anne Award



These are available to year round residents and property owners.                                                 Bring your car registration. $40.00 and $20.00 if you are 65 or older


2019 DOG LICENSES ARE AVAILABLE IN THE CLERK'S OFFICE.  Please bring most recent rabies certificate.  

Neutered/Spayed dogs $6/Unaltered dogs $11



  • Beach parking permits
  • Dog licensing
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Property tax collection
  • Recreational vehicle registration
  • Sporting licenses
  • Vital records certification
  • Voter registration and absentee voting
  • Marriage Licenses (The Clerk's Office can issue marriage licenses Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. and Fridays 8 a.m. until noon)

Method of Payment

Only cash or checks are accepted. Most transactions can be accomplished through the mail i.e. vehicle registrations, dog licenses, recreational vehicle registrations, etc. Allowing time for two mailings, call us at 207-363-1003 and we will guide you.

Beach Parking Stickers

Beach Parking Stickers are available to York Residents (vehicles registered in York) and Non-Residents who own property in the Town of York (current out-of-state registrations in the name of the property owner(s) only). The sticker must be displayed on the vehicle windshield and allows you to park in the beach areas as set out by Town Ordinance. These areas are designated by signs and are as follows; York Harbor Beach, the Wiggly Bridge, Cape Neddick Beach, a section of parking at the Short Sands Ballpark and the entire length of Long Sands Beach is meter-exempt.

Stickers are effective from May 15th until October 15th each year. The cost is an annual $40 per sticker unless you are 65 years of age or older and then the cost is $20 per sticker.

Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses follow a calendar year. They are usually available some time in October for the following year. Please bring a current rabies certificate and spay/neuter information, if applicable. Spayed/neutered dogs $6 each, Non-spayed/non-neutered dogs $11 each. If you do not license your dog by the end of December, the month of January is a "grace period" but if you come in after February 1st, the State of Maine imposes a $25 late fee per dog.

Tax Bill Information

Tax bills are mailed once a year with two payment stubs. Two due dates are set for the convenience of not having to pay the entire amount at one time and to avoid any late interest, however, taxpayers are welcome to pay the entire bill upon receipt or in smaller increments any time prior to the end of the fiscal year (June 30). While we do not set up formal payment plans, we know that smaller, monthly (or even weekly) payments can be helpful in this economy. When making smaller, regular payments, some interest may accrue. Please feel free to call our office and discuss your individual account.

Trash & Recycling

Pamphlets are available online (PDF) or in the Town Clerk's office to explain the dos and don'ts of trash pickup, recycling, universal waste collection and use of the Recycling Center on Witchtrot Road. As of July 1st, 2010, it is necessary to purchase a sticker to gain access to the Town of York Recycling Center. These stickers are renewable on an annual basis. Stickers are valid from July 1st to June 30th, each year. Stickers must be affixed to the front bumper, on the driver's side, of the vehicle you intend to use to bring recycling items to the Witchtrot Road facility. Stickers are vehicle specific. A residential sticker is $25 per year, a commercial sticker is $100 per year.

If you still have questions, you can call the Department of Public Works at 207-363-1010 or the Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office at 207-363-1003. The Town will no longer sell blue recycling bins. While still usable, you will now be able to use any container up to 35 gallons.