K-9 Team

Gunther (16)

The York Police K-9 Unit was established initially in May 1990 with Patrolman Szeniawski, now Chief Szeniawski, and K-9 Lucas. Lucas retired in 1997 after being diagnosed with cancer. The York Police Department spent just over two decades without a K-9 program until 2018, when the department reintroduced a new K-9 team, Officer Rogers and Günther.

Officer Rogers and Günther began training at the 33rd Maine State Police CGunther (3)anine Patrol School, located in Vassalboro, Maine and graduated in June of 2018.

The K-9 team is patrol certified, which consists of tracking apprehension, handler protection, article searches, building searches, agility, and obedience. In addition to being certified in the State of Maine, the K-9 team is also certified under the New England State Police Administrators Conference which allows the team to perform law enforcement services anywhere in New England.

Gunther (6)Meet Günther:

Günther is a German Shepherd Dog who was imported from Slovakia; he was born on October 17, 2016. Günther enjoys all aspect of his work, especially agility, buildGunther (17)ing searches, tracks, and barking from his cruiser transport.

K-9 Günther resides with Officer Rogers, and they serve as a team until the K-9 retires. 

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